Hey hey hey, we're Games Reviewed by Lesbians, bringing you articles, stories, and - an addition so unexpected you never would have guessed it - reviews!
We are two super gay girls from the land down under, who love games almost as much as we love the ladies. And of course, we are always on the prowl for the latest, greatest, weirdest and gayest, to rant about.



Me! Head Writer and also Second Writer for GRBL (the GF is no. three). I live in a flat surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge (which the unimaginative call a "security door"). When I'm not gaming, writing about gaming, or thinking about gaming (or girls), I'm usually thinking about how much time I spend thinking about gaming (and girls). My hobbies also include falling over, making messes to irritate my OCD girlfriend, complaining about bad coffees, and grinning stupidly.

The Girlfriend

My huggable knight in awesome shiny CG armor and no. 1 gaming companion. In charge of all the web designing and picture creating and slapping me with a smelly fish when my ideas are terrible. Tenaciously braves the cruel and oppressive menace that is a law degree whilst I sit around eating chocolate and pretending to study history.
Has the admirable quality of being largely more sane than me. That is, until mess is involved.