Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hiatus End: Resuming Normal Operations!

Dearest friends,

This is the GF speaking.

You may have noticed an ominous silence in these parts as of late. Yes, we have been missing-in-action since July. But, good news, the lesbigamerz are back! And more furiously game-playing than ever before.

As a short explanation for our Ramona Flowers-esque flaky and sudden disappearance, I am happy to announce that Lesbigamer and I have moved in together ...  

We are living there with another friend who went to high school with us.This is Ren.

She occasionally gets dragged into our game-playing, fortunately not kicking or screaming.
It's a happy little terrace house (emphasis on little). But we've been so busy trying to find a place to live, getting rental applications approved and actually moving in, the last two months have flown us by without a blog post.  We hope to continue our regular posting now that things have settled down somewhat.

So really, the point of this boils down to, we've missed you all sorely, we've missed board game posts and WE'LL SEE YOU BACK HERE! (Very soon, Lesbigamer is next to me writing up a session report on Ghost Stories!)

A warm thank you also to the kind people who have left us encouraging messages to continue. We really appreciate your support.

The GF.

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